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Scottish Parliament Trip


All Saints Scottish Parliament Trip
Senior school Modern Studies pupils and some lucky S3 pupils enjoyed a fantastic visit to the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh on Tuesday 22nd of September. The pupils, who are currently studying the Scottish parliament as part of their Democracy in the UK Modern Studies topic enjoyed a range of activities from an interactive workshop in a parliament classroom- where they were encouraged to think about laws and use tablet devices to give their opinions on laws and what they would like to see change, a tour of the parliament and a question and answer session with two local MSP’s. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the parliament and particularly enjoyed getting their photograph taken within the debating chamber. To cap the visit off, local MSPs: Bob Doris and Paul Martin of the SNP and Labour party met with the school pupils and tried their best to answer questions on matters as diverse as local buses, the refugee crisis, the recent independence referendum, school meals, Trident and the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour party leader. The politicians were clearly impressed by the range and quality of questions and tried their hardest to answer each question whilst also acknowledging and praising each pupil for the quality of each question. The behaviour of the pupils was excellent. They were enthusiastic, interested, willing to engage and participate and a credit to the school, receiving praise from the parliament tour guide and the local politicians that they met for their input and enthusiasm for the trip. The Senior Modern Studies pupils have since participated in classroom activities enabling them to reflect on their trip and have written their reflections on what was a fantastic day and the experience of visiting the Parliament , enabling them to see first-hand what they have been studying in class these past few weeks. Congratulations and well done to all the pupils for making the day such a success and being fantastic ambassadors for their school. Thanks to the staff who volunteered to lead the trip and special thanks to Mrs Madden who organised the trip and planned the day, ensuring everything ran smoothly and ensuring the trip would be enjoyable for all learners.