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Enrolment Procedures

Pupils who attend our 4 associated primary schools will automatically transfer to All Saints unless parents inform us otherwise.

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything you wish to discuss.

Telephone 0141 582 0010

To assist with the transfer from P7 to S1, these pupils experience an extensive transition programme involving visits to each primary by both the DHT with responsibility for S1 and the Pupil Support staff. In addition to this, pupils regularly visited our school for "taster" lessons in several of the curricular areas during the summer term of P7. Thus enabling pupils transferring from P7 to S1 to experience life in All Saints.

All new S1 pupils visit our school for an induction experience over two consecutive days in June, prior to the August intake. On these days pupils are allocated their classes and follow their timetable for each day, introducing them to a range of those subjects that they will focus on in their first year in our school. In advance of these induction days, parents of prospective S1 learners are invited to meet with the Depute Head Teacher and Pupil Support staff at an information event held in the school.

The S1 curriculum builds on prior learning in the Broad General Education experienced in Primary School, providing a broad spectrum of curricular areas which complement one another and provide the range of skills necessary for future success. These include:



Information Technology

Home Economics


Social Subjects

Physical Education



Technological Studies


Art & Design

Modern Languages

Religious Education