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All Saints & Celtic Learning help English language skills


The Celtic Learning Centre has been offering support to new immigrants to Glasgow in developing their English language skills. The young people involved are Somalian, Slovakian, Polish, Cameroonian, Kurdish, South African, Afghan and Iraqi.


The pupils, from Holyrood and All Saints Secondary schools, have been working on Celtic Learning’s established Literacy course.


On this course, pupils produce a magazine on the theme of UEFA Champions League or Europa League. This develops not only literacy but also an understanding of social subjects, as well as an awareness and respect of other cultures.


The children have also been given the opportunity to attend Celtic Park as guests of the club at a recent home game and just recently had the chance to meet Celtic defender Thomas Rogne.



Tony Russell, Head of the Celtic Learning Centre, said: "Celtic has always been a club open to all and we are proud that we have been able to welcome these young people to Celtic Park.


"It has been a tremendous programme which has seen the confidence of these young people grow and given them a welcome to Scotland which they have really appreciated.


"I think it has been fantastic to teach these young people and watch their skills and confidence grow as they integrate into school life.


"It is fitting that we have launched this programme in our 125th anniversary season and we look ahead to repeating this in the next school year."


Thelma Chibata, Karina Hauberte from S1 and Zaid Kamil and Hamzah Syed from S2 took part from All Saints.