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Blazer Fitting for Pupils

March 2019


Dear Parent/Guardian




As you know we have worked very hard, with your support, over the last few years, to promote and enhance our school uniform. All learners should wear a white shirt and tie, black dress trousers/skirt, (please note no leggings or jeans are allowed), black footwear, black

V-neck, jumpers and blazers which are now part of our school uniform and pupil identity.


We are very proud of the high standards of uniform in All Saints and again from August 2019 every learner should wear a blazer and badge with sixth year learners continuing to wear a braided blazer.



The options for buying a new blazer will remain as follows:


  • Measuring, in school with form sent home to parent to confirm.  Money should be sent in week following fitting
  • Ordering from Trutex online under the All Saints section of the company’s website
  • Measuring and purchasing from the Trutex shop in Argyle Street or
  • Buying a standard black blazer from alternative supplier such as Asda, Tesco or M&S and buying badge in school or from Trutex shop or online. Badge costs around £5.


Blazers with badge from Trutex will cost approximately £27 - £30 depending on size ordered. Sizes 36” and above will include VAT and therefore be around £32. Also £5 should be added for braided blazers. Trutex will be in school to measure current S1–S5 pupils requiring a new blazer for next session, on Thursday 18 April 2019 and to measure new S1 learners during their induction day on Wednesday 29 May 2019.


Ties will be available to purchase in school and from the Trutex shop in Argyle Street at a price of £5.00.


There will also be the option to buy a specially designed black V-neck jumper which has a purple and silver outline around the neck which will identify the pupils as All Saints learners.  This is preferable to wearing hoodies under the blazer and should be less bulky. These are available in the Trutex shop and a small number are available in school for purchase.


Yours sincerely






Mrs M Murphy

Depute HeadTeacher