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Out of School Learning Activities

  1. Use the internet or some other source to find out about …….
  2. Write out three questions based on this current topic that you are going to ask other people in the class (you need to know the answer as well).
  3. Write out 4 definitions cards for the current topic.
  4. Draw a Mindmap for the last topic you studied.
  5. Grade your last topic learning outcomes using the traffic light system.
  6. Make a one page summary of the last topic you studied.
  7. Design a leaflet or small poster (A4) that can be displayed in class giving information about …..
  8. Bring in a newspaper article relating to the science lesson just completed, to use for class discussion next day.
  9. Read over today's lesson notes with a member of your family and get them to ask you questions.  Quick quiz next lesson to test your knowledge.
  10. Find out three facts about the following scientist ….
  11. Present some of the current topic information in the form of a table.
  12. Survey the people in your house to find out ……..