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Health & Wellbeing

Out of School Learning Activities - Physical Education


  1. Walk a mile (20 minutes at a good pace)
  2. Swim for 30 minutes
  3. Do a sit-up and press-up circuit
  4. Play a game of football
  5. Cycle for 20 minutes
  6. Skip for 15 minutes
  7. Jog for a mile
  8. Go to a Dance class or use a dance video
  9. Workout on your ‘Wii Fit’
  10. Walk your dog or be a good citizen and walk your neighbour’s dog.
  11. Help your family with some strenuous house work (e.g. vacuuming the house for 30 minutes)
  12. Attend an after school sports club e.g. football, netball, basketball, athletics, fitness, table tennis, badminton, dance.

Out of School Learning Activities - Home Ecnomics

  1. Re-cap on new words, techniques, properties, of ingredients and nutrients, operating instructions of equipment.
  2. Re-cap on Health & Safety and hygiene issues.
  3. Evaluate what you have done today.
  4. Tell a family member about cutting, measuring or other preparation techniques you learned during a cooking demonstration.
  5. Watch the way others prepare food in your home - note down anything new.
  6. Practise cooking at home.
  7. Practise using new utensils or equipment at home.
  8. Help someone prepare, measure out or grate and cut fresh ingredients for a meal.
  9. Note down the food advice on a packet of ............
  10. Design a dinner menu for a family using .............