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Literacy & The Big Writing

Literacy is an extremely high priority in All Saints, not only in English but also across the whole school. All Saints has been using the Big Writing project for a number of years and our main belief is that writing is first improved through using talking and listening skills. This enables our young people to write and communicate in a more confident and structured way.

The 4 posters below focus on the main aspects of writing:

Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers, and Punctuation (VCOP)

– your child will be able to explain to you what these are, along with their levels.

In addition to using the pyramid posters in class, we also focus on the 2 voices we use in life:

1. Our writing voice – normally called the ‘posh’ voice

2. Our talking voice – the voice you use to speak to friends and family on a day to day basis.

These two voices are very distinctive and make up a huge part of the learning process.

If our young people, with your help, can discuss and listen frequently to these 4 aspects of language, they can develop their literacy fully. This will help them in all aspects of school and they can become the very best at whatever they put their mind to.

Try to discuss them on a daily basis, even if it's just for a few minutes.


All documents are in Adobe PDF format. You can download the Adobe Reader free of charge - just select the Adobe link here.

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