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Social Subjects

Out of School Learning Activities

  1. Watch this evening’s weather report and report to your class tomorrow with the forecast for the day.
  2. Watch this evenings ‘Newsround’ and identify an item that relates to social sciences.
  3. Source a newspaper or magazine article that is relevant to your current topic.
  4. Use BBC bitesize website to revise for Standard grade /Higher.
  5. Use to research the current topic/theme.
  6. Use ‘success guide’ to further develop K.U. for………..
  7. Use Past Papers to further develop Enquiry Skills established in the classroom.
  8. Visit the school LRC or your local library and identify resources relating to our current topic.
  9. Redraft work for classroom presentation.
  10. Write 3 question to match the 3 answers issed by your teacher.
  11. Prepare a spider diagram summarising the key points  of the topic you have just completed.
  12. Use a highlighter to identify the key points from this weeks lessons
  13. Write a short story based on the history of…….