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Out of School Learning Activities

  1. Bring in ……….   and we'll discuss them as a class;
  2. Read over today's work noting any point you don't understand;
  3. Purchase a broadsheet, take one article of your choice, and highlight any word/phrase/sentence with which you have difficulty;
  4. Purchase a broadsheet and write an appraisal of an article of your choice;
  5. Write a paragraph or two on a TV programme of your choice this evening;
  6. Print off a transcription of an MSN chat with your pal and translate the conversation into PROPER WRITTEN ENGLISH;
  7. Do a brain gym exercise with your parent/carer (e.g. brush your teeth with your "other" hand, Cross Crawl) then tell them one fact you learned today;
  8. Make up spelling test to use on your classmates;
  9. Highlight WOW words from any TV show you watch tonight (Listening)
  10. Blog Patrol- Diary entry (ICT);
  11. Create your own lesson starter (you can use drama)
  12. Interview guardian about their life with 3 x key questions;
  13. Find music that represents the main character in your class text
  14. Find the soundtrack that describes your life;
  15. Describe a dream to your partner next day in class- literally and/ or metaphorically (talk);
  16. Write a review for a film you enjoy;
  17. Create a character puppet (a sock etc and identity etc);
  18. Write a persuasive letter to ………... trying to get them to ………...