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Intermediate 2 Geography
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Very Simple INT 2 Geography Page

This INT 2 Webpage has been created in a simple list form with everything on ONE PAGE to avoid any browser issues and hopefully allow viewing on mobile devices. Scroll down to find out where to get more information about each INT 2 topic and click to watch the the embedded videos clips.

Course timeline in the order taught

[Poplulation] [Urban] [Rural] [Industry] [Health] [Glaciation] [Rivers] [Coasts] [Limestone] [Hazards]


Full Sets of Course Notes

NOTE! there are no INT2 Sites but it is possible to use SG, GCSE and Higher pages to revise online - within each topic you will be pointed to a good page

[For information only... SG Scalloway GCSE Bitesize SG Bitesize HIGHER Bitesize ]

Searchable Video Clips

BBC Learning Zone Clips

SQA Past Papers & Marking Schemes

SQA INT 2 Past Papers

Unseen Past Paper INT 2 Specimen , try to sit 'closed book' and within the 2 hour limit

Searchable OS Maps

Ordnance Survey -Get a Map When looking at Past Papers use this site to do the Map Question (make sure you select the 'Leisure' tab to get the maps we need)


How to Pass Intermediate 2 Geography - Dr Bill Dick

ISBN: 978-0340974124

This book contains excellent course notes and worked answers showing students how to get full marks. A picture of the book can be found [HERE] (off site)

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Int2 Rivers

As far as Rivers go there is not much difference between Standard Grade and INT2

The BBC has some excellent Rivers notes [HERE] also the Scalloway Website [HERE]

BBC River Landscapes

The above clip with notes can be found [HERE]

In class we used Learning Zone Clips to study River Landscapes these clips can be found below

Upper Course - River Tay [CLASS CLIP 4311]

Middle Course - River Tay [CLASS CLIP 4312]

Lower Course - River Tay [CLASS CLIP 4313]

Waterfalls [CLASS CLIP 404]

BBC River Processes Clip

The above clip with notes can be found [HERE]

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Int2 Glaciation

As with Rivers we can use most of the SG Bitesize clips to revise Glaciation

The BBC SG Bitesize site has information on Glaciation [HERE]

BBC Glacial Erosion

The above clip with notes can be found [HERE]

The Loch Lomond Learning Zone Class Clip we use in class can be found here [Class Clip 1140]

BBC Glacial Deposition

The BBC has lots of information about Glacial Deposition [HERE]

BBC Glacial Processes

The above clip with notes can be found [HERE]

BBC GCSE Glacial conservation and management

Scalloway also has a few good pages on Glaciation [HERE]

Our Case Studies for Glaciation are :

The Cairngorms &/or Loch Lomond National Parks

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Int2 Coasts

As Coasts do not appear in SG we need to look for clips on the GCSE Bitesize [Coasts] website , make sure you don't study topics we don't need to when using the GCSE site (if you don't know Ask)

BBC Coastal Processes

The above clip with notes can be found [HERE]

BBC Coastal Erosional Landforms

The above clip with notes can be found [HERE]

BBC Coastal Depositional Landforms

The above clip with notes can be found [HERE]

BBC Coastal Management

The above clip with notes can be found [HERE]

Our Case Study for Coasts is :

The Dorset Coast

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Int2 Limestone

Web Resources on Limestone Landscapes at the level we are working at are pretty poor, the BBC has produced a website just for Int 2 Geography [HERE] if you have time have a look through it

Our best bet for revision is to look through the BBC Learning Zone Clips Below

BBC Limestone Formation

The above clip with notes can be found [CLASS CLIP 4701]

BBC Limestone Clips that cannot Embed here

The Surface Features clip with notes can be found [CLASS CLIP 4702 ]

The Drainage Features clip with notes can be found [CLASS CLIP 4706 ]

Our Case Study for Limestone is :

Yorkshire Dales - Malham

Land Use Management

We need to know about tourism and protecting the natural environment

BBC GCSE Tourism

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Int2 Population

Population is another topic that is very similar to what was studied at Standard Grade, there is lots of good notes on SG Bitesize [HERE] but few videos

BBC Britian from above UK population

The above clip with notes can be found [CLASS CLIP 7329]

Below are some useful clips from GCSE Bitesize

BBC GCSE Population distribution and density

BBC GCSE Populaton Change

BBC GCSE Migration

BBC GCSE Managing population change

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Int2 Urban

Int2 EMDC Urban is similar to Standard Grade and therfore the SG Bitesize Settlement course [HERE] will be useful for revision, although it is important to look at the GCSE website for information on ELDC Urban [HERE]

Our Case Studies for Urban are :

EMDC Urban - Glasgow

EMDC Urban - Rio &/or Sao Paulo

BBC GCSE Settlement characteristics

BBC GCSE Urban models in MEDCs

BBC GCSE Urban models in LEDCs

BBC GCSE Urbanisation in MEDCs

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Int2 Rural

The BBC Bitesize farming pages can be found [HERE] there are lots of good diagrams but no new revision clips

The following clips are direct from the GCSE site so may not match the Intermediate 2 course 100% as they link to English farms but they still are entertaining to watch

BBC GCSE Characteristics of farming

BBC GCSE Types of Farming

BBC GCSE Farming issues and Change

The Scalloway Farming Revision notes are also very good [HERE]

ELDC Rural

Online resources on ELDC are hard to find, it may be worth looking at the HIGHER Bitesize [website] for an overview

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Int2 Industry

Int2 Industry is nearly identical to SG Industry it is included within the BBC Bitesize Settlement notes [HERE] information on industry can also be found on Scalloway [HERE]

BBC Industrial Location Factors Clip

The above clip with notes can be found [HERE]

BBC Industrial Decline Clip

The above clip with notes can be found [HERE]

BBC GCSE Industrial Issues Clip

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There are not alot of notes online for Development and Health, it might be worthwhile having a quick read over the Higher Notes on [Development and Health] don't worry if it seems too complicated, Int2 requires less knowledge


BBC Development Clip

The above clip with notes can be found [HERE]

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ELDC Disease - Malaria

BBC Learning Zone Clips on Malaria

The Malaria Cycle [CLASS CLIP 6989]

Malaria Location Factors [CLASS CLIP 6990]

Malaria Prevention [CLASS CLIP 6991]

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EMDC Disease - Heart Disease

BBC Learning Zone Clips on Heart Disease

Health Problems Facing the UK [CLASS CLIP 5078]

Coronary heart disease [CLASS CLIP 5700]

Health improvements in Finland [CLASS CLIP 5702]

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The 3rd Health Issue we Studied was HIV and AIDS there are many resources on the BBC to study for this topic

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It the English GCSE course there is a whole unit on Plate Tectonics which requires students to learn about the Tectonic Plates, Fold Mountains (we can focus less on that one), Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Managing these hazards. [BBC GCSE Tectonic Activity]

To revise Tropical Storms (Hurricanes) you will need to use Learning Zone Clips and other sites

Plate Tectonics

The notes on plate tectonics can be found[HERE]


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The notes on Earthquakes can be found[HERE]

BBC GCSE Earthquakes Clip

Our Case Studies for Earthquakes are :

EMDC : Japan - 1995 Kobe &/or 2011 Tsunami

ELDC : 2010 Hati

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Our Volcano Case Study is :

EMDC : Mt St Helens

The notes on Volcanoes can be found[HERE]

BBC GCSE Volcanoes Clip

BBC GCSE Managing Hazards Clip

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Tropical Storms (Hurricanes)

Our Tropical Storm Case Study is :

EMDC : Hurricane Katrina

BBC Learning Zone Clips on Tropical Storms

Using satellites to understand weather and climate [CLASS CLIP 7363]

The formation of a tropical storm [CLASS CLIP 6684]

The BBC News website has an excellent Mini-Site on Hurricane Katrina [HERE] within this site there is the standard animations that the BBC use to explain[Hazards]

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Well Done!

The above clips are just an example of the fantastic resources available to help you study for your final exam, make sure you visit [BBC Learning Zone Clips] to find more detailed clips on the topics above!

Keep up the Good Work Revising at Home!

Last UPDATE - Before Spring Break 1-4-2011

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