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The All Saints Fair Trade group - The Chocness Monsters -  is very popular and hard working.  The group have retained All Saints Fairtrade status for the second year running.

The group’s aim is to promote global citizenship by having:
  • Understanding and Appreciation of the concept in widest sense - Fairtrade as a gateway towards exploring complex global issues.
  • Active citizenship.
  • Opportunities for self reflection & engagement with other groups etc.
  • Pupil centred focus.
  • Transition from primary to secondary.
  • Fusion of different personalities.
  • Appreciation of diversity and difference in the group.
  • Community spirit/awareness.
  • Commitment to each other.
  • Means of expressing themselves/ demonstrating what they have learned.
  • Events to capture the imagination/enthusiasm of others on the issue.
  • Being young and enjoying school life.
If you are interested please see Mrs Madden in room 106.
Read All Saints Fairtrade Policy here.