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Religious Education

    Homework Tasks Religious Education

  • All homework should be completed on time.
  • Please ask for help if you find any task too difficult.
  • After each RE period you will be given a task to do.

Here are some useful websites where you will find lots of information about the saints or poverty issues.  


1. Find out ten facts about St Mungo
2. Look up information about St Roch and find out why he is closely linked to Glasgow.
3. Think about your Lenten journey.  Find out about some websites that can give you a thought for the day or some kind of prayer activity for each day of Lent. The Archdiocese of Glasgow has one, have a look.
4. Create poster to advertise the Stations of the cross on the 26th March.This will take place in Robroyston Park at 10am and 2pm and be lead by pupils in All Saints.
5. Make a poster A4 size to Fairtrade Fortnight. Again you need to look up the internet or have a look around the school for some ideas.
6. Fairtrade Fortnight is an important time in our country when people get the chance to find out about the effects Fairtrade can have. Write down 5 products that you can buy to support Fairtrade.
7. Using the following words describe the effect that Fairtrade can have on communities. Fair, wages, develop, progress, partnership, life, school, health, family, growth.
8. Shrove Tuesday or pancake Tuesday is celebrated in this country. Describe how people normally celebrate it. Find out about the customs for this day in one other country and write down 3 facts.
9. On the 13th  February the Lenten season will begin with Ash Wednesday. Find out why the mark of the cross is made with Ash on the forehead.
10. During Lent the school will be raising funds for SCIAF. Find out ten facts about this charity and describe in detail what has improved for one of the projects.

Out of School Learning Activities

  1. Find out 10 facts about.........
  2. Look up ..........on the Internet
  3. Find out the difference between ..............
  4. Write down 10 different ...............
  5. Think about the problems in ..............
  6. Prepare to speak about ..............
  7. Prepare to write about ...............
  8. Complete a project on ............
  9. Make up a ................
  10. Write a letter to ...........

Some examples of S1 and S2 homework and classwork.



Caritas Submission

Here is the link for the Submission you have to complete for Caritas.

Please use it to complete your reflection and type the answer if you wish.


 S1 Homework Booklet.  Please click the link below for your homework booklet..


S2 Homework Booklet


S3 Homework Booklet


S4 Homework Booklet


S5 Homework Booklet


S6 Homework Booklet